21-Day Body Image Stress Detox
Supporting Strong Mental Health Wellness... before it becomes an illness!!!
Body Image Stress is the anxiety that is caused by the difference between what is REAL and the reality you want.
❤️ Everything we do is because we want to feel a certain way. 

❤️ That's why so many of us live behind an online filter!!

❤️ We can place filters on our photo's to change our body image in minutes.

❤️ BUT there are no filters in real life. 

❤️ Do you want to start loving (or at least accepting) your body image and take back control of how you feel EVERYDAY!!!!
You are with your thoughts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week –

It’s time to become aware of your thoughts, DECLUTTER the mind 
and take back control.
What is involved in the 21-Day Body Image Stress Detox Program?
This program is a 21-Day program to help eliminate body image stress. Each day you will receive an email covering a new tool or technique on how to remove the stress and anxiety caused by negative body image. 
Each email consists of a short video guiding you through the new tool or technique and easy ways you can implement it into your daily life. 
After 21 days, you will have a wide range of fantastic resources that can be interchanged and developed over time to help you achieve a positive body image. 
This short course will begin to FREE you from constant dieting and give you control over how you feel, 
 while developing a healthy relationship with food.
What is covered in this 21-Day program?
  • Day 1: Get the rubbish out of your head
  • Day 2: Why you're not losing weight
  • Day 3: Feel better about your current reality
  •  Day 4: Time to set goals
  •  Day 5: It's OK to fail
  •  Day 6: The Fat Belief System
  •  Day 7: Why do you want to change?
  •  Day 8: The effects of stress
  •  Day 9: Retell your story
  •  Day 10: 4 types of eating
  •  Day 11: Be kind to yourself
  •  Day 12: The food journal
  •  Day 13: Opinions of others
  •  Day 14: Understanding hunger
  •  Day 15: Overcoming fear
  •  Day 16: Ask yourself better questions
  •  Day17: Exercising
  •  Day 18: Overcoming anxiety
  •  Day 19: Who is to blame?
  •  Day 20: Organising your thoughts
  •  Day 21: Self-Confidence
Believe in a life without stress
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