Body Image Stress is the difference between what is real & the reality you want!!!
What's included in the 10-minute daily makeover:

** What you think becomes reality: When you wake every day, look in the mirror & describe how this makes you feel. 

** The Fat System Belief: Identify the thoughts behind the emotions. Write them down. These thoughts often arise from long standing  beliefs. Now change that thought just a little for today.

** The value of being kind to yourself: Accept what you see BUT just for today. Tell yourself it is only today that my body is the way it is. Tomorrow it will be different. Today I will accept.

** Other people's opinions are none of your business: Give yourself permission to be judged because people will anyway. Write down one thing you dislike about yourself & give yourself permission to not judge it today ONLY.

** Only eat when you are hungry: Hunger is not an emotion, it's a sensation. Connect your mind to the thoughts you have when you are hungry & realise these are thoughts you control.
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Effects of Stress
Stress often causes fatigue, irritability and lack of motivation. The body cannot possibly alter its shape or size if it is under constant stress. 
Advertising is Addictive
Every day a new diet is advertised, a new pill to take to lose weight or even a new exercise program to join. If all this worked, WHY does 1/3 of the population struggle with their Body Image?
Fat Belief System
A belief is a foundation on what we build our life on and this is constantly evolving.  A belief is NOT truth, it is how you want to live your life from your perspective. Let's change the perspective!!
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